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Welcome to M3 Auto Shipper! Shipping a car is simple and stress free with our easy to complete form. Our system will help connect you with up to 10 auto shippers who will provide you with a quote to ship your vehicle. What we do is take your shipping information and send it instantly up to 10 car transport companies. We then instantly calculate the average range of price quotes given by these companies to other customers on your shipping route over the last two weeks and display them instantly! They will then prepare and email/call you with their bid for the exact price within an hour or two during normal business hours. You will find that 90% of the bids you receive will fall between the price estimate given.

Is there a difference between the instant auto transport estimate I get and the actual price charged by the auto carrier? Probably. Each company will provide you with not only the exact price, but also with a contact person and a contact phone number for you to call. When you contact each company that you like, you will want to discuss things like shipping dates, preparation of your auto for transport and transit time. You may also want to discuss things that may reduce your auto transport cost like taking or dropping the car off at a major city. Also being flexible with transit times and pickup windows may reduce cost.

Auto Shippers have a difficult job to do. They must ship your car anywhere in the country and even internationally. Anyone in the auto transport business knows that to do this job well, you must have a top notch team behind you every step of the way. The care and speedy transport of your vehicle with an auto shipping specialist is the sole business of anyone involved as an auto carrier or auto transport broker. M3 Auto Shipper is the leading online car shipping services exchange that empowers consumers. Whether you`re transporting a car, boat, or any other type of vehicle...we can help.

With gas prices like they are today ($3 to $4 per gallon) and taking time off from work, you really don't want to transport the car yourself. Driving or even towing you car to its destination is a hassle as well. Who wants to take their vacation days hauling a car around the country? You won't save any money, it will probably cost you more, and you are liable for any damages. Let the auto shippers do the work for you.

All you need is the following information:

  1. Contact Information: Name, Email and Phone Number. Don't want to use your regular email address? That's Ok, just sign up for a free one specifically for your auto shippers to contact you with here. (Microsoft Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail)
  2. Pickup and Delivery Information: Providing accurate city, state and zip code information will ensure that your auto transport quote is accurate since the majority of the cost is based on distance. If you need help getting accurate information you can use one of the many map tools available on the internet. (Google Maps, Microsoft Maps, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest) The ship date you request will also have an impact on your auto shipper's price and ability to deliver. The more advanced notice you can give the lower the cost and more likely the auto transport company will be able to find a truck able and willing to pick up your vehicle. Your flexibility will also allow them to keep your price lower.
  3. Vehicle Information: You will need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle. Not quite sure about what you know? Have no fear; the information is closer than you might think. Take a look at your insurance card and you will find your automobile information. You will also need to let the auto shippers know whether your car is running or not and if you would like to have the carrier be enclosed.

Get your free, no obligation quotes from auto shippers today by completing the simple 1-step form below. Auto shippers have limited spots on their car carriers and during the summer, these spots fill up fast. Don't hesitate and miss your chance to have your vehicle shipped quickly!

Auto Shipping Top Story

Big Government and Vehicle Black Boxes Big Government and Vehicle Black Boxes

Car owners and big government are on a collision course over black boxes. What will the data say when these two very powerful forces collide? The Congress and Senate have both been working on versions of a law mandating little black boxes to be included with every new vehicle and it looks like they are close to striking a deal whether the American public wants it or not. These little black boxes will be collecting information like throttle position, airbag state information, acceleration and pedal location just to name a few. The information will belong to the car owner but a simple warrant could allow the government to confiscate it and first responders can collect the data if they “need it to respond to an emergency”. I would be willing to bet that 99.99% of the time they will use that claim to gather up the black box rather than wait for a warrant. This seems to be standard fare coming out of Washington over the past few administrations and they don’t look like they are going to stop any time soon. The 2012 Hyundai Elantra is under investigation for deploying during an accident and cut the driver’s ear in half. The accident happened on April 7, 2012 when the crash caused the side curtain air bag to deploy which had the undesired affect of ripping a metal bracket from the frame and hitting the driver. That metal bracket is what sliced his ear into two pieces. There has been no recall but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still looking into the crash. Some manufacturers are looking into dashboard real estate and what they can do to minimize clutter or reclaim space for new devices. Maybe the CD player is the next item to disappear from your console in the future. With portable media devices, streaming media and in dash vehicle management systems; the CD player may find itself in the same pile as the cassette player and 8-track player. This has been happening in the PC world for several years and since computers are finding their way into vehicles on a more regular basis, it stands to reason that a CD player is just no longer needed.

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Friday News Mashup Friday News Mashup

Since its Friday we’ll start with this; a truck driver was put in jail overnight for having “Truck Nuts” on the hitch of his…yep, truck. The truck driver was pulled over by a sheriff in South Carolina for donning the Truck Nuts. After which it was discovered that the driver did not have a driver’s license and was given a citation for the Truck Nuts and a night in the county lockup for the lack of a license. Now I am no fan of these bizarre accoutrements, but I am a big fan of the constitution and this arrest seems way out of line because of how everything went down. Also, where is the outrage from those who claim that profiling is should be illegal? Anyway, I think the sheriff is nuts and should be given a citation! In other news, General Motors stock has been in a rut for almost a year with no improvement at all and the U.S. government is stuck with 26% ownership. It has decided not to sell the shares it owns because it would be at a loss; a loss of $15 billion. Yikes! That means the stock price would need to double from its current price of $22 per share. In GM’s best days their shares were pricing at $75 per share and I don’t see those days coming back anytime soon. Meanwhile Ford and other auto makers are showing profits and rising stock prices. Turning to Cars and TV, we have 2 items on that front. First, Jerry Seinfeld is working on starting a project called “Comics and Cars” where he would basically sit around with his friends talking about cars and such. That should resonate with the average American. Wealthy, Hollywood types sitting around pontificating about cars that the other 99% of us can’t even afford to look at let alone purchase. Next, and here is something we can all sink our eyeballs into; “World’s Wildest Police Videos” is coming back to TV on the Spike network Monday nights. The creator is the son of the mastermind behind the show “COPS” and we all know you watch it. You may not admit it, but you do. This show features real-life dash cam video from police cars all over the world. So grab a beer, or whatever you prefer, sit back and watch someone have a bad day and maybe you will have a better view of yours…that is unless you are on the show.

As Detroit Auto Goes, So the Economy Goes As Detroit Auto Goes, So the Economy Goes

Auto makers are adding extra shifts just to keep up with demand. Demand for new cars and parts for used cars is on the rise and auto manufacturers are scrambling to keep up. Ford has announced that they are adding a third shift to their EcoBoost engine plant in Cleveland, OH and Hyundai has added a third shift as well in their Montgomery, AL plant. The extra shift at Ford will not necessarily add jobs to the economy but it will preserve them. The 250 workers will be coming from another plant that has finished production; so while it is a wash for the workers, it is still a positive for the U.S. economy. The Hyundai plant on the other hand will be adding 3,000 workers to their payroll which will increase output by 20,000 cars per year. Now that is a big deal for the American workforce and a big deal for the auto transport companies. More cars mean more sales and more sales mean more money moving through the economy. All of these and other positives have allowed Detroit to stake claim as the auto industry capital again. The big 3 (Ford, Chrysler and GM) are showing strong recoveries and profits. It should be noted that GM was given an unfair advantage by having the taxpayer bail them out. This also shows that companies don’t need help from the government or the taxpayer to recover from and downfall. Ingenuity and talent are what it really takes and Ford and Chrysler have shown that to be true to the greatest degree. We love our cars and we live and die by the auto industry here in America, so it is good to see them starting to regain their former glory. This is also good for Americans emotional state when it comes to the economy since our spending habits are directly tied to our emotions which are directly tied to how well our auto industry is doing.

What Will It Take To Trade-In Your Car? What Will It Take To Trade-In Your Car?

Following up on the Used Car article from yesterday is the question of what it will take for a car owner to trade in their current vehicle. There is currently a reservation among owners to keep their current vehicle rather than trade it in. There is a sweet spot for consumers that falls right between having equity but not so old that they have to start making repairs. This is what the dealers are looking for and they are willing, if you are savvy enough, to make great deals for those cars. See, there is almost 3 times the profit on a used car sale than on a new car sale which is why the dealers want your used car. So what will it take for a dealer to get you to trade in for a new car? The current consensus is a great car that the buyer wants, at or below what they are currently paying monthly, a year or two of free maintenance and a real reason to start over with monthly payments. Most people would really like to own their car and not have monthly payments; if only for a year or two before they trade in. Dealers must be willing to go the extra mile and even pay a premium for trade-ins with low mileage, an original owner and no accident history. Since dealers are hurting for used car inventory, they seem more than willing to oblige those car owners in the so called sweet spot. There might be another thing the dealers could do to help boost trade-ins and that is to reduce the amount of time people wait after they strike a deal to actually get all the paperwork and such done. For some reason it takes 30 minutes to an hour for the dealership to finish the process once you and the salesman reach an agreement. That is a long time to wait and every minute that ticks buy is another minute the customer has a chance to change their mind. Close that gap and watch your closure rate go up.

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Worlds Worst Drivers, nuf said!


Monday, April 20, 2015

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